Timmons Sung Matte Painting Demo Reel


The first clip is the matte painting I did camera projection in Maya and composition in Nuke. The second one is the assignment using Mudbox and Maya in my texture class and the final one is the assignment in Nuke class which I  key the green screen and merged the live action with background.

This is the short animation I did for my BFA degree and it got some nominations in Taiwan. All the works were done by myself, except music.


Honors and Awards:



• Invitation Hong Kong Jockey Club HAD Walk Project – Sham Shui Po Cre-ativity & Arts For All

• Invitation Hsinchu Centennial Imagine Art Festival



• Nomination 4C digital design awards

• Nomination National Animation Contest for Technology & Vocational Institutes & University

• Nomination International Student Film Golden Lion Award

• Nomination K.T. Creativity Award

Timmons Sung

3D Matte Painter &  Cocnept Artist